Steady on now, this thread started as a php question, and has only deviated a 
little. Most people on the list don't work purely with php, and I for one dont 
mind the odd off-topic thread, especially when the majority of the list is made 
of good php threads.


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From: "Cris S" <>
Date: Tue, Oct 19, 2010 03:46
Subject: [PHP] Formatting an ECHO statement.
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At 15:12 18 10 10, Shreyas Agasthya wrote:
>Thanks all for their input. Some of the learnings  from the thread :
>1. <i> tag is getting deprecated.

Not in HTML5.

>2. Use <em> and <strong>

Both? Read that shit again, buckwheat. And by "that shit" I
do mean the standards, not what Joe Bloe told you.

>3. Have CSS used to do the kind of stuff I was trying.

Uhm, yeah. @@

>  I must inform, this was already in place.

Then why the fuck are we discussing this?

>4. Keep an eye on the SE monster.

and on the "go fuck yourself" monster too.

Holy fuck, I've been lurking for months. I turn away for
one day and this is the non-PHP crap that happens?

Someone needs to hire me now, to keep me busy and stop me
from taking this issue apart one piece at a time. Kee-rist.

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