On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 04:30:03PM +0100, Ashley Sheridan wrote:


> I always bottom post when I'm replying from my computer, but when on the
> move or at work, I'm only left with my Android, and the default email
> client doesn't allow reply positioning of any sort, so it's always
> top-posting :(
> Does anyone know of any decent email clients for Android that allow
> bottom posting that you maybe use or have had experience with?

Please excuse my ignorance; I don't use a phone for email. When you
reply to email in the Android,

1. Do you see the text of the email you're replying to?
2. Can you edit the text of the email you're replying to?
3. Can you move the cursor on the screen; are there keys which allow
4. Is the inability to reposition the cursor the fault of the
application, or the phone itself?
5. To what extent do other smartphones share these characteristics?


Paul M. Foster

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