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Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Offset not contained in string

Shouldn't you check the length of the string before giving it the offset?

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$pos = (strpos(' ', $string, 76))?strpos(' ',$string, 76):strlen($string);

Doesn't strpos(' ',$string,76) look for the first space to the *right* of position 76?

I really don't know how to do this except by exploding the string and shooting the array of characters, keeping mind of the last space found before you get to slot 75.

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How would I write an IF statement that looks for the first space space (“ “) left of the 76th character
^ left

in a string or <br>, which ever comes

first --- OR the end of the string (IE the string is less than 76 characters long? I specifically want is it’s character position in the string.

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