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> So now lets look at the case where there is malware on your machine
> which will try to brute force your computationally hard password and
> is smart enough to use your graphics engine to increased computational
> power.  Folks at MIT and Carnegie Mellon have already numerically
> proved that a 12 character password is not crackable using brute force
> in any reasonable timeframe. In fact an 8 character one has strength
> of years. I would contend that using that much power will make its
> existence known to you and coupled with the fact that you restart your
> computer every now and again and that you run an antivirus
> periodically that will eventually find it even if you don't notice the
> slow down.

Partially for this reason, I have a CPU meter on my desktop. If I see
the CPU usage climb oddly (and I have), I start checking what processes
are eating my CPU. This is one reason I don't keep my Facebook page open
all the time. It periodically sucks CPU. For some reason, Javascript
seems to chew CPU harder than almost anything else I run.


Paul M. Foster

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