On Dec 31, 2010, at 1:26 AM, Tamara Temple wrote:

> On Dec 28, 2010, at 2:11 PM, Joshua Kehn wrote:
>> Specifically:
>>>> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>>>> I seem to have an issue with users who copy-paste their usernames and
>>>>> passwords coping and pasting leading and trailing space characters.
>> Users should not be copy-pasting passwords or usernames. Do not compromise a 
>> system to cater to bad [stupid, ignorant, you pick] users. If this is an 
>> issue then educate the users.
> I'm sorry, but this is just bloody stupid. I keep my usernames and randomly 
> generated, very long passwords in a password keeper. If you're not going to 
> let me copy paste them into a web page, i'm just not going to ever use your 
> application. Copy/pasting is something that happens on the *local* machine -- 
> it never goes out to the net. By forcing people to type in their user names 
> and passwords you are going to cause them to enter easily-remembered, and 
> typically easily-crackable combinations. What is the possible logic for 
> disallowing someone to paste in their usernames/passwords???

My point has been completely missed by you. I'm not saying don't allow copy 
pasting usernames and passwords (though I think that this is a poor choice). 
I'm saying don't automatically trim the passwords.


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