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Dotan Cohen wrote:
I seem to have an issue with users who copy-paste their usernames and passwords coping and pasting leading and trailing space characters.

Users should not be copy-pasting passwords or usernames. Do not compromise a system to cater to bad [stupid, ignorant, you pick] users. If this is an issue then educate the users.

Wrong. I use a program called pwgen to generate passwords for me, which
I cannot remember. I use another program I built to store them in an
encrypted file. When I have to supply a password which I've forgotten
(as usual), I fire up my password "vault", find the password, and paste
it wherever it's needed. Users would be wise to follow a scheme like
this, rather than using their dog's name or somesuch as their passwords.


Paul M. Foster

What is "wrong?" That users should not be copy-pasting passwords or don't compromise the system?

I agree that users should not use weak passwords, but not everyone goes everywhere with a vault. I am more then capable of memorizing 20 or so 16-32 character full set passwords.

20? child's play. How about 250+ randomly generated passwords and username combinations?

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