At 9:36 PM -0300 1/1/11, Adolfo Olivera wrote:
    I'm new for php. Just trying to get my hello  world going on godaddy
hosting. Can't getting to work. I think sintax it's ok. I was understanding
that my shared hosting plan had php installed. Any suggestions. Thanks,

Happy 2011!!

PS: Please, feel free to educate me on how to address the mailing list,
since again, I'm new to php and not a regular user of mailing lists,

I think it's the sintax -- that's usually left to governments -- try syntax instead.

I agree with Ash to simply use .php as the file's suffix. While you could use .html, but it's usually hard for newbees to understand what's happening.

So, create a file containing:

<?php echo('Hello World'); ?>

and save it as myfile.php

Then open your browser and put the url of the file in the address bar and you should see Hello World.

If you don't, then post again.




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