I've come to learn that relying on heavy and non free ides for
developing can kick you in the rear when you have to setup your developement
enviroment after a while. I've have that problem with some previous projects
made with adobe flex, asp.net and sql 2008.
That's the reason why I'm trying to go open source all the way.  But I gotta
say, I've been trying vim adding a few plugins and I'm having the hardest
time getting the hang of it. I really miss dreamweaver, I hope the steep
learning curve pays up later.

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On 1/2/2011 5:56 PM, Adolfo Olivera wrote:
> Thanks for the replies. I'll just put a php on all my...
While I may get shot for saying this - I wouldn't worry too much about being
"100% open source".  Use whatever gets the job done, period.  If you're more
comfortable with Dreamweaver, stick with Dreamweaver.  In my day-to-day work
I'll end up using a combination of Dreamweaver, Eclipse, and Notepad++,
along with a little Pico/Nano to do quick edits on the server.  I know a few
people who swear by NetBeans, though I haven't felt the need to try yet
another editor just now.  I tend to prefer an editor that has code
completion - sometimes makes for less typo mistakes and such, but that's
just a personal preference, non-code completion is just as fine.

Now, onto the real debate - editor color scheme and font choices!  (Don't
reply, I know better ... I just had to >.>)

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