On Mon, Jan 03, 2011 at 12:03:41PM -0300, Adolfo Olivera wrote:

> Tim,
>        I've come to learn that relying on heavy and non free ides for
> developing can kick you in the rear when you have to setup your developement
> enviroment after a while. I've have that problem with some previous projects
> made with adobe flex, asp.net and sql 2008.
> That's the reason why I'm trying to go open source all the way.  But I gotta
> say, I've been trying vim adding a few plugins and I'm having the hardest
> time getting the hang of it. I really miss dreamweaver, I hope the steep
> learning curve pays up later.

Vim's not for everyone. But here's the thing-- once you get it dialed
in, your fingers never have to leave the main keys. Editing is way
faster. And there are just a million key combinations to do things, only
a fraction of which you will use. And those "modes" will drive you crazy
for a while. I still get bitten by them, and I think every Vim user
does. But again, it's way faster.

Also, there's probably not a *nix server in the world which doesn't have
Vi, Vim or the like installed. They may not have nano and they may not
have emacs, but they will have Vi* installed. So your experience with
Vim on the desktop translates into being able to operate on any *nix
server. And there are Vim flavors for Windows as well, if you happen to
be unfortunate enough to be running on an IIS machine.


Paul M. Foster

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