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> There's no real reason why you shouldn't use PHP for cli apps, it has a lot 
> of features specifically intended for it even. I've found it to be fast 
> enough for my needs, it's familiar, and I don't need to compile an app every 
> time I make a small code change.
> Yes PHP is primarily a web-based language, but there's no reason it can't be 
> used other places too. In fact, I've even got PHP installed on my Android 
> phone, although I've yet to find a practical use for that!
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> Ash
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I don't see a reason other then I find other languages more nimble for small 
scripts. If you are using lots of shared PHP code then of course it would make 
sense to leverage that existing code rather then re-implement it. The OP was 
asking (I assume) about a standalone application built from scratch.

I would kill for a PHP interpreter (+ Haskell and Python) on iOS. Unfortunately 
I haven't found one. 


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