Joshua Kehn wrote:
why bother learning 2 languages when 1 will suit most needs perfectly?  for 
most folks who work with the web and a typical deployment environment like a 
linux server, the second language of choice most likely would be a client side 
one like javascript.
You can't say that PHP is a more natural CLI choice then bash or Python. Maybe 
I'm using PHP too much for web development. Perhaps I am unfamiliar with it.

Why bother learning other languages? Is this a joke? Why should someone stop 
learning ever? Having a mastery of multiple languages can only enhance you.

Having got a basket of several dialects of machine code, cobol, fortran, algol, C, C++, pascal, javascript, and probably a few more ... it WOULD be nice not to NOW have to learn java to fix Eclipse, python to fix Hg, ruby for some of my mapping requirements AND bash scripts to sort out keeping everything running.

If a website is running background tasks to maintain the site, then using the SAME language for the command line functions makes perfect sense. The SAME library is doing the processing so any bugs should be the same which ever route is used. Trying to debug a fault which is also going cross language just adds to the complexity?

I think this is one of the reasons that all this push to reinvent PHP into something it does not need to be is so annoying. How about a RealPHP which is frozen at some point where those of us who can't be bothered with Traits and all this other mumbo jumbo can simply carry on designing sites. And the people who are more interested in development for development sake can please themselves?

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