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Using another language more suited towards CLI / standalone (non-web) 
development would be easier. PHP at it's core is a templating language. I don't 
think it is as suited as say Python for developing standalone applications.

    One might argue that it depends on your mastery of and comfort
with the language.  That in mind, the same is true of nearly any
programming language.

    And thanks for reminding me of what PHP is at its core.  ;-P

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My apologies. I just view PHP as a perfected web language, due to it's 
templating nature, while using it for other things (scripts, utilities, cron) 
is a misuse in my opinion.

It does completely depend on your mastery of the language. If you're very good 
with PHP and you don't often do non-web things it might not make sense to learn 
another language as well.

I disagree... many of my cron/shell scripts leverage the very codebase that the site works on to do things for the site from the command-line. Why would I use another language that would require re-implementation of existing functionality? The right tool for the job depends on the job in question regardless of someone else's perception of the intended purpose of the tool.

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