David Hutto wrote:
I'm with some of the others above on using Python. Writing a command
line app is about as simple as:
I think of PHP as more browser, than desktop app/webapp.

The point I was trying to make was one where there are two paths to doing the same job ...

Thumbnail generation ...
These are either generated as part of the upload page, or processed as a background task. There is no sense at all in writing the same function in two different languages. We need the PHP version for the on-line processing, so why would you then NOT use it also from the command line for the background processing as part of a cron job? Processing email traffic is another area where the same code is used both on and off line so using the same language again makes sense.

OK new code could be done in a new language, but where php is already supported it just makes sense to retain it? Unless of cause php is just wraping some other system that is actually doing the work, such as browsing an hg repository, when things start getting even more unmanageable :(

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