Ashley Sheridan wrote:

> On Wed, 2011-01-12 at 12:23 -0800, wrote:
>> Thanks for all the responses to my suggestion.  I realize this would
>> be a major change, so that's why I also mentioned it as an addition
>> to the language.
>> I'm sure it's just what you're used to, but still being new to all
>> this, it just makes sense (to me anyway) to have different symbols
>> for different variable types: $scalar @array
>> #hash
>> Since the @ sign is already reserved, maybe there's another symbol
>> that would work better?  I don't know.  These are just ideas that I
>> came up with while reading and I thought I'd throw it out there to
>> see what others thought.
>> I like the idea of a naming convention, so that's what I'll do in my
>> scripts.  I also appreciate the heads up on is_string(), is_array(),
>> and var_dump().
>> Thanks again,
>> Marc
> If you check out the manual pages for those functions as well, you'll
> see other related functions. I must say, of any language I've used,
> the documentation is by far the best, giving plenty of
> information and user comments too. It's a resource I still can't do
> without, and I reckon even the old hands on this list would say the
> same.

Yes, I wouldn't want to be without my local mirror.  Other
languages that can easily match the quality of the documentation -
assembler, C and C++, to name a few. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (7.9°C)

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