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> Hey Everyone,
> I have a question about php & javascript... Yes I know this forum is for php 
> BUT I needed an opinion on where to look for stuff...
> I have a application that I'm working on that uses google maps to display 
> interactive maps (using javascript) on the website. I now have the need to 
> display multiple maps on the same page and from what I can tell I have to 
> create new instances and variables for all of them...
> What I'm wondering is since I know very little javascript would it be bad to 
> create a PHP function to write the java code for the proper number of maps I 
> need to display? The map info is being pulled from a database where events 
> are being added and could contain 2 or 200 maps...
> Or should I learn javascript and figure out how to create a loop in there so 
> that I can just loop it in the java and not repeat code?
> Thanks for any assistance you can give!
> Jason Pruim
> pru...@gmail.com

Love the lists@ email address there.

My preference would be to invest some time in frontend (JavaScript) skills, as 
that would be the most "proper" way to implement it. If you don't have the 
time, might as well use whatever tools you are most comfortable with. Could 
turn into a bit of a mess though.


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