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> Hey Everyone,
> I have a question about php & javascript... Yes I know this forum is  
> for php BUT I needed an opinion on where to look for stuff...
> I have a application that I'm working on that uses google maps to  
> display interactive maps (using javascript) on the website. I 
> now have  
> the need to display multiple maps on the same page and from 
> what I can  
> tell I have to create new instances and variables for all of them...
> What I'm wondering is since I know very little javascript 
> would it be  
> bad to create a PHP function to write the java code for the proper  
> number of maps I need to display? The map info is being 
> pulled from a  
> database where events are being added and could contain 2 or 
> 200 maps...
> Or should I learn javascript and figure out how to create a loop in  
> there so that I can just loop it in the java and not repeat code?
> Thanks for any assistance you can give!
> Jason Pruim
> pru...@gmail.com

Not sure why you would need to show more than a single map at any given
time. Therefore why not use PHP to show a list of possible maps and when
the user clicks on one, use AJAX to populate a single map on demand?

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