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> Hi gang:
> In the past we talked about PHP tutorials, but I don't remember if there was 
> a single clearinghouse/link for them or not -- is there one? If not, what do 
> you recommend?
> Disclaimer: This is a clear solicitation by me for help with my PHP class. I 
> will be teaching this class at my local college starting this semester. 
> Please realize this is the first time my local college has considered PHP 
> anything of importance.
> In the past, the college has been totally ingrained in .NET (i.e., APS, VB, 
> C#). They believe their focus should be teaching students what the Corporate 
> World wants and those needs have been defined by the State of Michigan and 
> General Motors. Considering that neither of those institutions are 
> financially solvent, other avenues are being considered.
> I know I can Google for "PHP tutorials", but I am looking for recommendations 
> from this list as to which tutorials/references are the best.
> Thanks,
> tedd
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> http://sperling.com/

I have always had good luck http://www.tizag.com/phpT/

I guess it would depend on what topics you want to cover. Do the students have 
prior programming experience? HTML / CSS / JavaScript (other frontend web stack 
language) experience? Do you want to do simple junk (submit form, view results) 
or more complex actions (database involvement, basic CMS, authentication 


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