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> On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 01:26:07PM -0500, tedd wrote:
>> Hi gang:
>> In the past we talked about PHP tutorials, but I don't remember if
>> there was a single clearinghouse/link for them or not -- is there
>> one? If not, what do you recommend?
>> Disclaimer: This is a clear solicitation by me for help with my PHP
>> class. I will be teaching this class at my local college starting
>> this semester. Please realize this is the first time my local college
>> has considered PHP anything of importance.
>> In the past, the college has been totally ingrained in .NET (i.e.,
>> APS, VB, C#). They believe their focus should be teaching students
>> what the Corporate World wants and those needs have been defined by
>> the State of Michigan and General Motors. Considering that neither of
>> those institutions are financially solvent, other avenues are being
>> considered.
>> I know I can Google for "PHP tutorials", but I am looking for
>> recommendations from this list as to which tutorials/references are
>> the best.
> I'm not sure that I wouldn't simply take one of the basic books on PHP
> (like an O'Reilly) and simply follow along with how it approaches the
> subject.
> You might also investigate a kid named Bucky Roberts on Youtube. His
> channel on Youtube is:
> http://youtube.com/user/thenewboston
> He has tutorials on a wide variety of languages, including PHP. Check
> the playlists link on his home page (above) and look for the PHP
> tutorials playlist. It appears that he doesn't do a complete work-up of
> the whole language (I haven't watched the PHP tutorials), but the other
> stuff he's done seems pretty basic and thorough.
> If you decide to do your own video tutorials, I'd strongly suggest
> hosting them at Youtube. Let them worry about traffic, bandwidth, etc.
> I'd also suggest students make heavy use of the php.net/manual/en/ tree,
> since (as has been frequently noted) it's some of the best programming
> language documentation on the web.
> Paul
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