>>    I do see from where it is you're coming, though, Josh --- once
>> you've gotten the fundamentals, a lot of times it's easier - sometimes
>> even a better idea - to use an existing, mature solution.  What helps
>> you to determine its value from a code standpoint?  Your existing
>> experience.
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> You are correct, and it is a shame to see many developers fall into the copy 
> / paste realm, especially with a language like PHP where such snippets are 
> often found easily but of dubious quality. Rolling your own is a great way to 
> understand how things work (or should work) internally, as well as giving you 
> valuable practice. I don't mean to discredit is. As I mentioned, more often 
> then not I'm a fan of it.
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> -Josh
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I find that at first, in any language, playing with the snippets
through a form of stimuli and response(I move this, this happens, or
doesn;t), helps to reinforce what I'm learning.

But after understanding the snippet, I don't find that reapplying it
later subverts the concept of being a 'real coder', because in the end
you want to move to a more efficient means of coding, which is, if I'm
not mistaken, where these larger frameworks come from-snippets that
are reusable(all the way down to a login system snippet).

It sure does get lonely up under this bridge.

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