Morning everyone!

I have a design question... No it's not about the interior of my house... although I could use some help with that as well...

I am working on a framework for my own use (And maybe one day will beat out the popular frameworks! Hey I can dream right? :)) and to increase my knowledge.

Here's my current index page:

DJ_head("Double J FrameWork", $cfgCss, $cfgMeta);
DJ_modules("navigation", "option");
DJ_page("main_content.html", "mainContent");

DJ_footer("copywrite", "Double J Web Design");

It all works perfectly but I'm starting to question having a bunch of function calls like that or should I simply have a big master DJ_displayPage() call?

or should I have my framework create the html files? Has anyone gone down this road before? any pitfalls I should watch out for that aren't in google yet? :)

Thanks everyone!

Jason Pruim

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