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Morning everyone!

I have a design question... No it's not about the interior of my
house... although I could use some help with that as well...

I am working on a framework for my own use (And maybe one day will
beat out the popular frameworks! Hey I can dream right? :)) and to
increase my knowledge.

Here's my current index page:

DJ_head("Double J FrameWork", $cfgCss, $cfgMeta);
DJ_modules("navigation", "option");
DJ_page("main_content.html", "mainContent");

DJ_footer("copywrite", "Double J Web Design");

It all works perfectly but I'm starting to question having a bunch of
function calls like that or should I simply have a big master
DJ_displayPage() call?

or should I have my framework create the html files? Has anyone gone
down this road before? any pitfalls I should watch out for that aren't
in google yet? :)

Thanks everyone!

Jason Pruim

I guess it all depends on what you need. A little while back there was a discussion on the list about whether or not to leave all content dynamic
or have the PHP CMS create the various .html pages required. There are
pros and cons to each method.

I'll definitely be looking that thread up! I got a little behind in my reading and must have missed it.

As for the various calls vs a single call to display the page, that
depends on how you will be using it. Personally, I'd prefer using one
call to something like your call to DJ_displayPage() which itself can
accept various parameters or an array of parameters that then makes the more individual calls to the other functions. Anything to reduce typing
while still being maintainable is never a bad thing in my book, unless
it becomes a crazy long list of chained calls!

That last sentence is the kicker... That's where it gets hard hehe. When is too much too much? And I am guessing that is a decision that only I as the programmer can make... At least until someone uses my framework and complains about it! :)

Thanks Ash!

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