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Morning everyone!

I have a design question... No it's not about the interior of my
house... although I could use some help with that as well...

I am working on a framework for my own use (And maybe one day will
beat out the popular frameworks! Hey I can dream right? :)) and to
increase my knowledge.

Here's my current index page:

DJ_head("Double J FrameWork", $cfgCss, $cfgMeta);
DJ_modules("navigation", "option");
DJ_page("main_content.html", "mainContent");

DJ_footer("copywrite", "Double J Web Design");

"Copywrite" should be "copyright" in this context.

It all works perfectly but I'm starting to question having a bunch of
function calls like that or should I simply have a big master
DJ_displayPage() call?

Is this index page a front controller, or are there separate page
controllers? If the calls are all *identical*, then you can stuff them
into a single function call. The biggest problem with this is variable
visibility. You'll have to monitor that and decide if it's worth it. In
my case, I use page controllers where all the important variables are
declared. If I put a "render()" function at the bottom, I'd have to pass
in all those variables (on the stack) rather than simply have them
visible to the template page that I "include()" at the bottom of the
page controller.

Right now in my simple test pages the variables are very standard but I will keep an eye on it to see if I need to change to a different system.

I'm leaning more towards doing a page controller. I've always liked the way that I can simplify the display of pages especially with regards to updates in the layout by just having a index page that controls the entire site.

or should I have my framework create the html files? Has anyone gone
down this road before? any pitfalls I should watch out for that aren't
in google yet? :)

Some of this depends on your overall application architecture, which is
where the front contoller/page controller question above comes from.

Thanks for the insight! I'll be keeping these points in mind in my work!

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