For a set of media import routines, i'm using a
javascript->php_on_apache->windows.bat->php_cli->curl->php_script invocation
It seems longwinded, but it's designed to have different parts of the import
process run on different servers.

I'm stuck at getting curl_exec() to return the data of the final php_script
that does the importing.
The script itself runs fine, and i've recorded good details that curl_exec()
is supposed to catch with file_put_contents("/some/debug.txt",
json_encode($returnArray)), and from those debug-printouts it's just a few
tiny steps towards a cascade of "return" statements, followed by a
echo(json_encode($returnArray)) and a normal end to the php_script at the
end of the call chain.

However, curl_exec() seems to hang completely. I've added over a dozen
"debuginfo -> file on server" statements, and the one that should fire
straight after curl_exec() does not fire.

It does this only with large (1.8gb) video files, a smaller (60mb) video
file doesn't produce this problem and the entire import routines work fine

I'd very much appreciate any tips you might have for me.

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