ok, i've done another run, this time with both php_daemon_script and
php_script allowed to run indefinitely, and i've triple-checked my

- all the calls to convert and import the +-2gb video file in
php_script (the import-worker-script) complete just fine, they update
a debug file on the server with correct results. from there it's just
a few simple steps back to curl_exec(), which i've tripple-checked to
be followed correctly, with more print-to-seperate-debug-file

- the call to curl_exec() in launched by php_daemon_script never
completes. i've added a print-to-debug-file statement right after
curl_exec() there, and it does NOT update that debug file. previous
experience shows that this is true for curl_setopt

- the php_daemon_script continues to run in my debug window (i now
launch windows.bat manually), it does not crash/end, it freezes. and
from experience i can tell you that it will stay frozen for several
hours, not doing anything anymore.

i've run out of ideas :(

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