On Feb 19, 2011, at 6:38 PM, Yogesh wrote:
I have two forms. One form helps read an input file into an array. And the
other form needs this array as an input.
I am able to read the input file into an array, but how do I pass it over to
the other form.

Both forms have PHP file as 'action'.

I don't entirely understand this; Dan Brown gave you solution to use curl to pass the array to the second "form" (do you mean script here?). That would certainly work, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more secure to spool out the array to a file from the first script after it has processed it, and then read it in to the second script when it starts. This assumes the two scripts are running on the same server, of course. The second script could be called after the first script finishes by using a header redirect. I'm curious about people's thought on the security and efficacy of different ways of sharing data between scripts when you're not using sessions.

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