Hi Tamara,

I don't entirely understand this; Dan Brown gave you solution to use curl to
>> pass the array to the second "form" (do you mean script here?). That would
>> certainly work, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more secure to spool out
>> the array to a file from the first script after it has processed it, and
>> then read it in to the second script when it starts. This assumes the two
>> scripts are running on the same server, of course. The second script could
>> be called after the first script finishes by using a header redirect. I'm
>> curious about people's thought on the security and efficacy of different
>> ways of sharing data between scripts when you're not using sessions.
I am quite new to PHP. (I am having trouble to understand how HTML, PHP and
Javascript work together). Right now I just wanted to get the job done. But
if you can suggest me a more efficient way to do it, I will definitely look
into it.



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