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On Thu, 2011-03-03 at 10:42 -0500, HallMarc Websites wrote:
>> Maybe I misread this and it seems to me he is asking how they could 
>> trigger the jQuery event after the necessary PHP script is called. 
>> Maybe it is being over-thought, have you tried placing the javascript 
>> call after the PHP script? Maybe wrap it in a conditional statement 
>> that isn't satisfied until whatever necessary condition is met?

>Could also echo the jQuery at the bottom of the PHP script, so that way, no 
>matter what, when the PHP is done, it will echo out (even if
>buffered) once the script is completed is "thing".

>What I don't get about the question is, is the document.ready() shouldn't 
>fire, until the page has completely loaded, and if the PHP script is still 
>>running, the "document" shouldn't be "ready" yet, should it?


Well, at this point that is a JavaScript question and best left to the 
appropriate list. 

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