I'm using the PHP OAuth extension and running into a strange issue. I'm not
sure if it's a bug in PHP 5.3.5, or if it's a bug in the OAuth extension
when installed on a system with PHP 5.3.5.

On a machine with PHP 5.3.5, when I call OAuth::fetch() with http method of
POST, the debug info is showing that it is sending as a GET request. As a
result, the resource that I'm fetching returns with failure since it will
only respond to a POST request. I tested this out on two different machines,
and getting the same result on both. One machine is Ubuntu 10.04 with nginx
0.8.54 and PHP 5.3.5. The other is CentOS 5.5 with apache 2.2 and PHP 5.3.5.

I have another Ubuntu 10.04 machine with PHP 5.3.3, and I am not having this
issue on that machine. The OAuth debug info is correctly showing http method
of POST.

I guess I'll need to use PHP 5.3.3 in the mean time, but it would be great
to know what the problem is.


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