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> Ash -
> I can be working on more than one program simultaneously and have one tab
> open w/ program A and another w/ program B.  The site in reference is
> "http://localhost....";
> I hope this helps.

    Ah, but running on the same domain, the session will be common.
Right.  Killing a session will kill it in both programs, as you
already know, but there's no native way to do one for one
[file|directory].  Your best bet, if at all possible, is to separate
by subdomains (which you can do on localhost, too, by modifying your
hosts file to alias like so: localhost development subdomain.development

    Don't worry about it being an FQDN.  Prior to checking with the
router or DNS servers, all modern systems check the hosts file.  Then
just add a reference to each in your Apache configuration file and
restart Apache.  Boom.  Done.

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Network Infrastructure Manager

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