On Thu, 31 Mar 2011 16:40:06 -0400, eth...@earthlink.net (Ethan Rosenberg) 
>> > >     Can you rephrase the question, Ethan, or give more details?  From
>> > >the way it sounds, you're concerned that destroying a session will
>> > >have implications for other sessions as well, which is not the case
>> > >(unless all sessions are shared).  For example, if you have Chrome,
>> > >Firefox, and Internet Exploder all active, the sessions should be
>> > >different, if even from the very same computer.  However, multiple
>> > >tabs in the same browser will generally be the same session (unless
>> > >it's something like Chrome's Incognito feature).

I have developed a common engine which I use for several different websites. I 
had been
using PHP 5.2.? and IE6 (yes; I know!), and had been able to have multiple 
sessions open
at once, displaying the same or different websites, without them interfering 
with each
other. This was incredibly useful; I could be looking at, or even edit, 
different parts of
the same, or different, websites simultaneously without any problems.

But I recently had a hard disk crash and had to re-install all the system 
software. Now I
have PHP 5.3 and IE 8, and find that if I try to do this the various sessions 
with each other. From the above comment I gather that this is because IE 8 
combines all
the instances, whereas previously each instance was treated as a different user.

Is there any simple way to make IE 8 treat each instance as a new user, or 
should I switch
to Chrome and use the Incognito feature?

Roger Riordan AM

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