On Mon, 2011-05-02 at 17:59 +0100, Adam Preece wrote:

> Hi,
> im building a cms and im currently thinking of a way to build an add page 
> function.
> any one got some ideas on the best way to achieve this?
> cheers

That's a bit of an open question, and there are several things that need
to be answered first:

      * Is each page a standalone one based on a template that just
        allows the main content to be changed?
      * Is a page made up of several snippets?
      * Does the CMS save out the final HTML page, or does it store just
        the content in a DB to insert into a page at runtime when

A CMS can be a pretty big build, and needs a lot of thought to get
right. It depends on your requirements and who it's going to be used by.
~Are you able to be a bit more specific about your question so we can be
more specific with our answers?


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