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the reason, why i don't want to use word press and any other open source solution, is that i want to learn how it is all done. im sure i can figure it out myself but i would like to ask others and see how they would tackle it.

the idea with the modules sounds really cool, template type system.

if you have the time could you please tell me more how i could achieve a modular template system?


You have at least three big problems to consider.

---- First, is creating a template you can live it

A template standardizes methods of how to show data. But the template also has to be flexible enough to be creative. This is not trivial.

---- Second, is a way to make add/delete pages as you want.

You need to have a method where you can add more pages AND delete pages as you want. You should give additional thought as to what to do with the content of the pages you delete, such as to archive them.

All of this can be done via a simple "create a record for each page" in a database where the contents are stored and retrieved as needed. This is the least of the three problems.

---- Third, how you can update any of those pages via a CMS.

You have to make a decision to either allow the client to:

1. Enter HTML directly into the CMS thus allowing for major screw-ups;

2. OR -- you control every aspect of the data entry allowing only filtered data to be entered in specific areas in the template, which is a nightmare of a coding-client communication problem. To control everything means a lot of work;

3. OR -- you handle everything yourself, which is the way I usually do it for clients. That way they give me what they want and I can change the display to best balance their needs with the requirements of the medium.

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