At 10:10 AM -0700 5/10/11, Micky Hulse wrote:
Looking at your site:

Viewing the source code on your homepage, I see <b> used 15 times in
the body copy.

I am assuming that maybe you have no control over that portion of your
site due to the CMS you are using?

Could you imagine using <strong> in all those instances where you used
<b>? Don't you think that would be overkill?

Sorry to everyone for taking this so OT for the PHP list.


If you look at my site now, you'll see that the issue has been fixed.

I vaguely remember using <b> tags in the markup for SEO considerations with the idea that I was going to change them to <strong> with a search/replace. Unfortunately, that did not happen until now. Thanks for letting me know.



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