At 1:46 PM -0400 5/10/11, Adam Richardson wrote:
The rest of the list does show you've read a fair amount in the past month
(just as others on this list, including me), but what does it do to
specifically support your argument?

It was not presented as a list that supported my argument, but rather as a list of references I read within the last month -- just to show that I am keeping current on a gamut of topics.

While people may debate the use of <b> and <i> tags, it is clear that their use is not recommended by many -- and that was my point -- and the reason why I do not support their use. YMMV.

Again, I greatly respect you, Ted, I have learned much from your posts, and
this discussion does not detract from that. However, I want to make sure the
developers subscribing to the list will consider the use of the <i> and <b>
tags as recommended by the W3C in (X)HTML5.


Please provide the reference where the W3C recommends using the <b> and <i> tags. I would like to read that.




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