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On Tuesday, 10 May 2011 at 15:41, tedd wrote:

 The world is changing and I don't think any organization can dictate
 what is the right/wrong way to do anything. But the good thing here
 is that we are left to our own judgement as to what we support and
 what we condemn. In my judgment, the <b> and <i> tags present more
 problems than they solve so I will continue to not use those tags and
 speak against them.

While I don't necessarily disagree with your point about HTML5 bringing back prehistoric tags, I do think it's important to remember that the fundamental reason for having the spec is that everyone (developers, browsers, screenreaders, etc) are working from the same guidelines. You have to assume that HTML5 consumption devices (both software and hardware) will follow the spec, so as a developer I think it's important to do the same regardless of your philosophical arguments against the decisions made when that spec was written.



As always, you bring wisdom to the argument.

My only concern is that I do have blind users who applaud my disused of <b> and <i> tags. Regardless of the specs, I tend to listen to users who have to live with the specs.

It appears that much of the decision-making process have been influenced by developers to accommodate large companies (i.e., Google) rather than the disabled. In fact, many of these companies still use CAPTCHA's.

So, until I have blind users tell me it doesn't matter any more, I shall try not use these tags.




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