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On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 2:22 PM, Peter Lind <<>> wrote:

You make my point for me but for some reason don't want to follow the
logical conclusion of it. Why?

 This is just one way to give-back.

Suggesting people that they copypaste your code is a very bad way of
giving back. Suggesting that they read and understand the code is a
great way. I hope you see the difference.

In my opinion this is hardly the logical conclusion. Are you suggesting that Tedd should post an *image* of the code so that people cannot copy-and-paste it? What if someone uses OCR to get the code? I find sample code useful in any form, but having a way to get it running easily so I can tweak it and learn on my own from there is awesome.

And Tedd, that bracing style is atrocious! As they say, there's no accounting for style. :P Bravo on this initiative though.



Thanks for the support. :-)

You know, if you sat down with me and saw how my IDE handles braces, I think you might see the reason why I code like I do.

I can double click on any brace and the entire section within the brace (plus braces) is highlighted. From there I can indent, outdent, cut/paste, drag-drop, or do whatever I want. This is NOT to say that you can't.

Also, I use this bracing style for not only PHP, but for JavaScript, and even CSS -- not to mention numerous other languages that came before. I've been using this brace style since my old C days back in the late 80's and FB since 1984. I even use a similar indent style for tabs and divs in html. It all works for me. YMMV. I just try to be consistent through all my programming.



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