At 12:41 AM -0400 5/20/11, Paul M Foster wrote:
As pointed out, there are security and other issues. But since I know
what kind of code you can produce, I realize you left these issues in
place because you were getting at a different point.

Thanks for giving me my due. Often on a list, people are judged quickly by those who don't know any better.

I know it's a physiological thing, but email is the worst form of communication there is. People have little tolerance for things they believe that are not proper. If they see something that is not absolutely correct (like I do often), then they respond with a criticism -- much like I did with the recent <b> discussion. I still believe in my perspective, but I understand others who don't.

However, if you are thick-skinned enough to survive the initial onslaught, then you can learn from the exchange. Most people, while displaying little tolerance for things outside their belief systems, will help if the need is genuine. It's just getting over that initial hump that's the issue.

And I agree with the majority that your bracing style is horrid. But I
long ago despaired of turning you from the Dark Side(tm). ;-}

I understand, but like my wife often says "Bite me"  :-)

Making professional coding techniques visible to others can only be a
good thing. I've been doing this for a while, but I'm still interested
in how other people do these things. I never know when I might learn

I've never meet a person who I couldn't learn from.




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