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On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 2:38 PM, Peter Lind <<>> wrote:

As is probably clear by now, in my opinion it would be much better to
go the motions of the script a bit at a time, with comments of *why*
things are done (not *what* is done) - and why you really should spend
a bit more time learning about security . . .

Ah yes, books. Yes I love books too and think they're great. This isn't a book to teach you how to be a professional PHP developer. This is a "how to get X done" example, at least in my view. It's perfect for a professional developer who needs to quickly get up to speed on how to do X in PHP, someone who can copy-and-paste the code, read it, and understand how to take it to the next level.



That's certainly part of it.

I want to show web developers simple things they can use in their web sites. I think most of these people aren't stupid, but rather they are simply not informed about some very easy things that can help them tremendously.

Am I going to get some flack for this? Certainly, some people won't get it, but that's not my target audience.



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