> Joshua's style (Allman) also lines up. I also find tedd's particular
> bracing style disconcerting. I always brace myself for it when I visit
> his site (sorry couldn't resist ;)
> I'm also in the Allman camp :)
> Cheers,
> Rob.

IMO, the style used by tedd just wastes one tabulation index (the zeroth).
Moreover, since I mostly endow myself with the luxury of Komodo or Eclipse
for finding closing braces, I have been teaching myself nothing but K&R for
the last few years. I like it's efficiency.

To put something useful in this post:
Please correct 
  This Authorization Proceedure
  This authorization procedure
or, if you must,
  This Authorization Procedure
Otherwise I can only encourage such an initiative because it can help out
and save time.

Best regards,
Jasper Mulder
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