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> >> If anyone out there has some experience w/ Doctrine now would be a great
> >> time to share it!
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> > Yeah, I've used Doctrine as part of Symfony. Both suck balls and are a
> perfect example of why you should NEVER use frameworks. Lesson learned the
> hard way. Re-write with your own MySQL wrappers and for the love of God and
> all that is holy do NOT make it an ORM wrapper.

some of the functionality doctrine has is amazing and it is a big time saver
for sure.  sf is also one of the smoothest frameworks ive used in php.  i
think this goes to show you that frameworks don't to *everything* perfectly,
nor can they.

what i find more painful is the fact that 130+ ppl on the doctrine irc
channel can't offer anything but a shoddy workaround that they assume i'm
too dumb to have already thought of myself.  when in reality, it's like 'no,
your crappy library has a bug in it, could you please address that...'

what is even more disheartening is that through php itself, i have no way of
deciphering which variable is holding this memory or any way to go about
freeing it, even with the magic circular reference handling of 5.3.  that
bodes badly for php, plain and simple.

what it really amounts to is php is good at doing 1 thing and 1 thing only,
generating web pages.  for anything else, including command line scripts
that run for more than 30 seconds, choose an actual programming language or
be prepared to deal w/ hacky, disgusting workarounds.


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