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> >> Hi gang,
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> >> If anyone out there has some experience w/ Doctrine now would be a great
> >> time to share it!
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> > Yeah, I've used Doctrine as part of Symfony. Both suck balls and are a
> perfect example of why you should NEVER use frameworks. Lesson learned the
> hard way. Re-write with your own MySQL wrappers and for the love of God and
> all that is holy do NOT make it an ORM wrapper.
> >
> >
> I do believe that was the most eloquent and enlightened email that has
> ever graced my inbox.  Thank you for taking the time to edify us with
> that pithy reply.

Glad I could be of service. There was no point in elaborating more on either 
Doctrine or Symfony any further. 

Sometimes, like that guy that fell down the canyon, you have to cut your own 
arm off with a swiss army knife to save your life. In this case, get rid of 
Doctrine or any other ORM, despite the painful operation, and save your project 
from a slow and agonizing death. 

ORM's and "ActiveRecord" style wrappers, while sounding sexy -- like the "babe" 
on the other end of a 1-900 number -- usually turn out to be fat and bloated. 
All that "magic" comes at a price. This is why Ruby on Rails has started to 
fall out of favor with ANY big shop and you are hearing less and less about it. 
It's cute and seems magnificent at first, but quickly starts to show its 
limitations and short-comings when you REALLY try to use it.


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