On 06/19/2011 07:26 AM, tedd wrote:
> At 6:34 PM -0500 6/18/11, Shawn McKenzie wrote:
>> Get method is for retrieval only.  It is not for anything that has a
>> consequence (insert, update, delete, send email, etc.).  Use only post
>> for those.
>> -- 
>> Thanks!
>> -Shawn
> Why?
> Cheers,
> tedd

The convention has been established that the GET and HEAD methods SHOULD
NOT have the significance of taking an action other than retrieval.
These methods ought to be considered "safe". This allows user agents to
represent other methods, such as POST, PUT and DELETE, in a special way,
so that the user is made aware of the fact that a possibly unsafe action
is being requested.



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