I don't even understand what the first two code blocks are saying.  Looks 
like html, but I have never seen it like that.  I also don't see the two 
fields you specifically mention to start in your first select statement - 
some other garbled names are there instead.  Are you sure you've copied this 

"asp kiddy" <aspki...@hotmail.com> wrote in message 

In this table (tb_code_prmtn11_email) I have two field :

It works here is a code

<select name="email_adress_menu" id="email_adress_menu"  class="valid" 
  echo "<option selected=\"selected\" value=''>Choose your name</option>";
  $req_email_adress_menu =   "SELECT DISTINCT id_email, fld_name_email, 
fld_adresse_email FROM $table_db_email ORDER BY fld_name_email ";
  $rep_email_adress_menu =  mysql_query($req_email_adress_menu, $cnx) or 
die( mysql_error() ) ;

  while($show_email_adress_menu = mysql_fetch_assoc($rep_email_adress_menu)) 
    echo '<option value="'.$show_email_adress_menu['id_email'].'"';
    //if($primes==$show_email_adress_menu['fld_name_email']){echo " 
selected";} //display to select an option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    echo '>'.$show_email_adress_menu['fld_name_email'].'  - 

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