> I'd like to recommend Allaire HomeSite.

Read their own HS forum before finally deciding.  HS has *alot*
of issues, particularly with memory.
> I haven't seen any other programs for Windows you can edit 
> remote files instead of the usual "download, edit, upload". Let 
> me know if there are other good editors with this feature.

The feature I use the most (and need it for the most) is how
it sets up "Projects".  I wish I could find something else that
did that (well).  If I could, I'd move to it in a heartbeat.
> There are three bad things about this program though;
> 2, It takes alot of system resources.

Not alot.  ALOT.  Huge, massive amounts of resources.  I'm
getting resource low messages from Windows less than 20
minutes after opening it and it's the only thing running aside
from my mail client.


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