On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 04:52:14 +0900 impersonator of [EMAIL PROTECTED]
(Maxim Maletsky) planted &I saw in php.general:

>I do buy software when I respect it's quality, but just to try I usually
>crack it first to see how it works.
Well. The word for this is "stealing", and should be dealt as such..
Besides, shareware/demos allow you to try it anyway; and how could you
crack something else?:) besides obtaining it illegaly - and that's double

There are lot of free (and good) software around. The things are just in
to be informed. And information - is often in different kind of Unions
possesion.. but (i think:) it should be mostly (although sometimes it is a product too)
freely and easily publicly available. (speaking of general information in general:)

>Once again, I apologize to the list.
U do?:)

>-maxim maletsky

i Leonid (not a Union member:) http://nux.home.dk3.com/

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