You wouldn't happen to be "...abridging the freedom of speech...", would 

No, not everyone knows about However, most of us do. Why? 
Because people told us about it. I don't know about you, but I don't spend my 
free time punching in random URI's.

The word for this is NOT stealing. You are encouraged to download the 
software by the manufacturer. All you are doing is modifying it. What? It's 
against the EULA??? Ah, but that is why people use software like the 

You don't need to be afraid of the police walking into your house and 
scanning your computer- if you are wise, as apparently not all of us are.

I believe that quality software should be rewarded, and in this day and age 
monetary gain is the main motivation for most people, and therefore the most 
common reward. However, I believe that the people that ambushed Mr. Maletsky 
are far worse people than he, for they assaulted him for speaking up.

Mr. Maletsky: Do not apologize to anyone for having the courage to speak up. 
Those who would smite all intellectual opposition shall only grow weak over 
time, while dragging the rest of humanity down with them. In order for us to 
grow as a species, we must work together.

I thought that was what open source was all about- working together to better 
humanity, not just ourselves. I still believe it is, but I believe that those 
who ambushed Mr. Maletsky are disgraces to this cause. You should be using 

-Evan Nemerson

Why do people with closed minds
always open their mouths?

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