Ok, but if it would be that way I shouldn't get '122334455' for second output, 
no? The item count increments with every iteration of the loop.

Or you're saying that, it checks for an existance of nextitem before every 
loop, and that will fail with just one element, but will always return true 
with two elements? ( since the first elements copy is pushed as third element, 
etc )

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On 11-07-05 10:20 AM, Dajka Tamás wrote:
> Hi,
> Yeah, I'm really want to do that, since I'm working with the elements of the 
> original array ( skipped that part in sample code ).
> I've tried your suggestion, but it gives the same result, so on just one 
> input is just gives back '1'.

Ahhh... you want the behaviour of the multiple elements... I presumed 
you wanted the other way around.

> What troubles me, that foreach gives an inconsistent working. Why is 
> 'foreach' checking element count at all and working differently with 
> different element counts? That's not normal is my opinion. 'foreach' 
> shouldn't do this:
> if ( count($elements) == 1 ) then loop 1;
> else loop normally;
> and that's what is does now, since when it's more than one element it's 
> working like a while loop, with checking the condition before ( and after ) 
> every run. ( if 'foreach' would check that the current run is the last one 
> before executing the current loop, the results would be the same with each 
> case )

You're making an assumption that it is checking the count. It may just 
be pre-determining whether another element exists for the next 
iteration. Consider the following pseudo code:

     nextItem = items->reset();
     while( nextItem )
         item = nextItem;
         nextItem = items->next();

         // Do stuff.

There's lots of ways to program a loop... and your PHP foreach loop is 
being converted to something entirely different internally. The above 
doesn't count elements, but it will result in the same behaviour as you 
are experiencing.

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