"Stuart Dallas" <stu...@3ft9.com> wrote in message
> If you're looking for a sane reason why Microsoft software is popular in 
> the
> business world you're not going to find one. >

No - you missed my statement's point.  Not looking for anything - just 
saying it is what it is.  You won't find me defending M$ software designs - 
I was simply pointing out that the product is setup that way and nobody over 
the years has made any effort (?) to have it altered.  I wonder why..... :)

> One final thing... you keep calling this a newsgroup. The PHP mailing 
> lists
> are mailing lists first, and a newsgroup second - that's kinda why they're
> called the PHP mailing lists.
It looks like all the newsgroups I've ever belonged to.  It acts like a 
newsgroup.  And - funny ha ha - its name begins with the word "news", not 
"mailing".  BTW - what does a mailing list look like?

AND - instead of coming down on people who top post, why not come down on 
the vast majority of people of DON'T post ONLY the pertinent part(s) of the 
past emails in their own response?  Cutting down on the amount of chaff in 
the postings here would certainly eliminate the biggest reluctance to having 
to bottom-post.  To scroll thru 60-100 lines of quoted and re-quoted text 
only to read a two line contribution is tedious and wasteful.

Let the new mantra be - "Snip Your Posts!"

PS - note the bottom post. 

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