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> > If you're looking for a sane reason why Microsoft software is popular in
> > the
> > business world you're not going to find one. >
> No - you missed my statement's point.  Not looking for anything - just
> saying it is what it is.  You won't find me defending M$ software designs -
> I was simply pointing out that the product is setup that way and nobody
> over
> the years has made any effort (?) to have it altered.  I wonder why..... :)

I didn't miss the point. As I said later on, mailing lists with archives
have different requirements to business users - you can't compare the two.

In addition, most "business users" live with what they're given because they
don't have a loud enough voice. I'd also bet good money that most people
haven't even considered the possibility of doing it differently.

> One final thing... you keep calling this a newsgroup. The PHP mailing
> > lists
> > are mailing lists first, and a newsgroup second - that's kinda why
> they're
> > called the PHP mailing lists.
> >
> It looks like all the newsgroups I've ever belonged to.  It acts like a
> newsgroup.  And - funny ha ha - its name begins with the word "news", not
> "mailing".  BTW - what does a mailing list look like?

http://php.net/mailing-lists - this is what you're reading. They're also
"available as newsgroups on our news server." Note that they're not
newsgroups that are also available as mailing lists.

A mailing list server is a managed one-to-many distribution system. Google

AND - instead of coming down on people who top post, why not come down on
> the vast majority of people of DON'T post ONLY the pertinent part(s) of the
> past emails in their own response?  Cutting down on the amount of chaff in
> the postings here would certainly eliminate the biggest reluctance to
> having
> to bottom-post.  To scroll thru 60-100 lines of quoted and re-quoted text
> only to read a two line contribution is tedious and wasteful.

When you post at the top of a thread where most people have bottom posted,
that's a bigger problem than untrimmed quotes.

Find out what key combination gets you to the end of the message in your OS
and learn how to use it. Oh, and bear in mind that you may miss inline
responses by skipping to the end.

Oh, so you're saying that the need to cut out the chaff is what stops you
from bothering to cut out the chaff? Curious logic at work there.

PS - note the bottom post.

*clap* *clap* You after a medal or summink?!!

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