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> Hi,
> - Browsers generally have a 5 minute time-out. If you send the PDF directly 
> to the browser and reach the limit, it will be lost. It is therefore advised 
> for very big documents to generate them in a file, and to send some data to 
> the browser from time to time (with a call to flush() to force the output). 
> When the document is finished, you can send a redirection to it or create a 
> link.
> Remark: even if the browser times out, the script may continue to run on the 
> server.
> When it comes to the user end, they wont wait for more than 1 min. So 
> redirection after generating the report is not possible. But creating link 
> may be a good idea. How can it be done? I mean shouldn't there be a service 
> running in the server to process these request after the execution of the php 
> script is completed? Also shouldn't we post all the report generation request 
> to a database so that serial processing can be done?
        We're helping each other here, as I'm facing a similar situation! Read 
up on how to store as a file here:


You should then be able to generate an email notification to send once the file 
is complete, with the link to the newly-created file.

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